What Does Beyond Level Zero Mean?

Last Updated on 03/08/2021 at 15:40

Scotland has been using a system for tackling COVID-19 by allocating a 'level' between 0 and 4, which was also known as the Levels Framework. These levels have been applied nationally (across all of Scotland) or to different areas depending on the rates of COVID-19 transmission locally.

On 9th August, Scotland will move beyond Level 0, which means that the different levels won't apply across local authorities but in the future, if there are local outbreaks, different levels of protective measures may be put back in place. 

What does beyond Level 0 mean?

Life beyond Level 0 means that most restrictions will be lifted and we will return to the closest sense of normality. 

Changes to things like physical distancing and self-isolation will come into effect as of Monday the 9th of August.

New guidance on pupils returning to education will also be published in time for schools returning in mid-August. 

Life beyond Level 0 is designed to be in place for the long term however it will remain monitored and some local areas may face restrictions going back in place to help contain isolated clusters.

Find out what that means in our What Are The Rules Right Now? page.

What level are we in?

As of Monday 19th July, all Scottish Local Authorities have been in Level 0. From 9th August, Scotland will move beyond Level 0.

In Scotland, there are 32 local authorities, if you're not sure what local authority you live in, you can use the Scottish Government Postcode Checker to find out.

Map of Scotland with a colour key showing the covid-19 restrictions each local authority is in

What if I had to shield before?

Scotland's Chief Medical Officer is writing to everyone who falls into the shielding category with advice of what to do in Level 0 and beyond.

As Scotland changes local protection levels, you should follow the appropriate health advice associated with that level. You can find guidance on the Scottish Government's website.

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