What is Time To Move?

Wondering why you're seeing lots of people talking about Time to Move all of a sudden? We've got the lowdown on what it's all about!

What is Time to Move?

Time to Move happens every October.

It's run by Eurodesk, an organisation that has lots of branches across Europe who provide information to young people. 

They use their Time To Move campaign as a way to raise awareness about European opportunities that are available for young people!

What does Time to Move mean for you?

It’s a chance for people all over Europe to find out about lots of exciting things happening across the continent.

There will be lots of events taking place across Europe which will give young people the chance to learn more about how they can work, volunteer and study in a different country.

It’s your chance to ask the experts about what amazing experiences you can get abroad – even if you’d never thought about doing it before! They’ll be able to give you the info and let you know how you can get involved.

How can you get involved?

Have a look at events happening near you using the Time to Move website or check out the opportunities finder for something you might be interested in! 

How can you find out more?

You can keep up to date with what lots of other people are getting up to by following the #TimeToMove2019 hashtag on Twitter and  check out the Time To Move website! 

Visit our Europe campaign page.

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