EVENT: Scotland's Biggest Parents' Event

Scotland’s Biggest Parents’ Events (SBPE) allow parents, carers, guardians and young people to hear about the things ​that matter to them right now.

This year Scotland's Biggest Parents' Event features a National Launch Event, along with a series of more local events and activities across the rest of the week and social media activity. This year Scotland’s Biggest Parents’ Events will coincide with a new national week ‘Scottish Careers Week’ developed by Skills Development Scotland.

Scotland's Biggest Parents' Event information

📅 15th - 19th November
 Online with some local events through the week

About Scotland's Biggest Parents' Event

The SBPE National Launch Event features key information which over 880 parents, carers and guardians in Scotland have said was important to them. This includes information about Careers, Jobs, Pathways, Skills and Scotland's Young Person's Guarantee. The event also has a focus on young people with additional support needs through partner Enable Scotland.

Throughout the event key messages will be delivered about jobs and skills of the future and how employers and wider partners are involved in guaranteeing young people in Scotland a positive step after school. Featuring information on the Scottish Careers Service with partners Skills Development Scotland, you will hear about how Developing the Young Workforce (DYW) is bringing the curriculum to life through employer experiences in schools.

About Developing the Young Workforce

A lot of young people struggle to identify their career goals; some know what they will do upon leaving school, but many others don't. In either case, more engagement with employers and better access to work experience while at school could really help a young person to better understand their future in the workplace. 

Developing the Young Workforce Regional Groups and the DYW School Coordinators can help you with deciding on your future career, getting work experience to build your skills, and finding contacts to get help and advice from. 

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The SBPE National Launch Event is being played through DYW social media channels.

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